Baby rush

Ah, autumn, season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and … a fucktonne of new babies. As Keats might have said if he’d been friends with my friends. I am not kidding. Forget spring being the time when new life bursts forth, September is baby boomtime. In the last few weeks, four good friends have added to their families, and there are another three due imminently, not to mention the handful of acquaintances whose new offspring find their way into my social media feeds.

My life is currently a never-ending cycle of liking new baby pictures on Facebook, buying and sending “Congratulations on your new baby!” cards, buying and sending gifts for new babies, and furiously Continue reading

I’m back…

Since I finished the freezing process, I haven’t really had much inclination to write. I think partly that’s because so much of it had been about my personal experience that, once it was all over, I wasn’t really sure what I was meant to be writing. But also, because I wanted to luxuriate in not having to think about Gonal-F, and cycles and scans and all that sort of thing.

Instead, I’ve spent the last few months drinking recklessly, flirting with abandon, buying clothes that I would never have dreamed of buying a year ago because Continue reading