About me

When I started this blog in 2014, I was 36, single, and living in London. Apart from that I decided to be anonymous. To find out why, and a little bit more, have a look at my early posts that talk about who I am, how I ended up freezing my eggs, and why I decided to blog about it.

That was four years ago. Now I’m 41, I’ve failed to conceive using those eggs and embarked on IVF using my fresh eggs, oh and I’ve developed a pseudonym, Alice Mann, to make it easier to write about this stuff, and for anyone who wants to interview me.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I LOVE that the universe directed me to this right now. I just started my first cycle of IVF at 40 as a single lesbian and I have a lot of anxiety as I’m going through much of this by myself. I find comfort in having found your page and look forward to reading about your past and present journey as I go through my own. Thank you for being brave enough to share some of this experience with the world.

  2. I wish you the best of luck. Choose a donor with a proven track record of fertility, if possible. After having a child naturally at 41, I tried desperately to have another. Had 6 miscarriages from 42 to 45. Finally at 47, I got in the wait list for an egg donor and almost pulled out because it took 2.5 yrs to wait for our turn. we went with a donor whose eggs had gotten every recipient pregnant except one. We got plenty of viable eggs from our cycle but decided we would only try once and implant 1 or 2 pre-embryos. I got pregnant and had to remain on bedrest for 8 months to carry my twins to term. Breastfed both and can say today that my love is no different for my twins than for my biological daughter. I fought hard to bring them into this world and they are my children. However, they know about their egg donor and it has never been a secret. My son said “Yeah, it’s like when you go to bake a cake and you realize the eggs in your fridge are from last year so you borrow a couple from the lady next door”. 😂 I’ve never regretted having them, I got a boy and a girl and they are the best kids one could hope for. Just wanted you to know, once that baby is placed in your arms it will be your child. And nothing else really matters. The experience of carrying the child, giving birth, breastfeeding and raising it are all identical. In fact my biological daughter & I ‘clash’ pretty often, so sometimes sharing the same genes can make raising a child more challenging. By the way, we also tried along the way to adopt. It didn’t work out (due to red tape…international adoption) but that’s also a wonderful avenue to become parents. What I’m saying is, any path to motherhood is a valid one. I am sending both you and your husband my best wishes. Don’t give up. I struggled with infertility for 11 years. In the end, it will all be worth it. xx …~M

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