Solo motherhood

I think I’ve touched on this briefly before but, for fairly obvious reasons (ie. I’m still single) it’s something I’ve been thinking about more and more – the idea of attempting to have a child on my own should a suitable candidate not present themselves (and before you get all antsy, and accuse me of “interviewing sperm donors” rather than “dating potential boyfriends”, chill the fuck out, it’s a turn of phrase) (sorry, I might be a bit touchy about this because of the douche that commented on my Stella piece “sounds like your potential partner got wind of the fact you saw him as semi autonomous self propelled sperm delivery system” which, for the record, is total bollocks. Anyway…)  And, for various reasons, it’s a topic that seems to have been in the news a lot recently.

The Daily Mail had a story about three women who did exactly that and, unsurprisingly Continue reading

Alice Mann…

I thought I’d better explain something. Being anonymous is all very well until someone tells you that you have to have a pseudonym, because they’d rather have a fake name than ‘anonymous’. Which is fair enough, I s’pose.

So when I wrote my piece for Stella magazine, I became Alice Mann. And then when someone wanted to interview me for The Independent, I stayed as Alice Mann, so it made sense to write the piece I wrote for Metro as Alice Mann, and to tell BBC Radio Five Live that if they wanted Continue reading