International fame and fortune…

Alright, I’m exaggerating, but I’m beyond excited that EggedOnBlog is getting a wider audience.

I’ve known about this for a while but didn’t want to write about it – partly out of a superstitious fear of jinxing it, but also because I wasn’t entirely sure it would actually happen.

Basically, ages ago, when I first started writing this blog, a journalist friend asked if she could mention it to an editor, as she thought it would make a great feature, and that I would be able to write it anonymously.

The editor was interested, and asked me to write a piece about my experiences of freezing my eggs. This Sunday, that piece is actually going to be in the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine – and is already online here.

I slightly want to cry (and I’ve not even been injecting Gonal-f) – not only because the fact that anyone wanted to publish this story is validation that it is important to people other than me. But also because part of the reason I started writing this blog in the first place was because I wanted it to be a useful resource for people like me.

And hopefully this piece will mean that next time a woman freezes her eggs and Googles “Is it normal when…?” there’s a small chance that she’ll stumble across this, rather than smug Mumsnetters talking about how amazing their DH is being.

2 thoughts on “International fame and fortune…

  1. Wicked. Delighted to stumble across your site after procrastinating the last 4 years over doing the freeze, ex’s resurfacing, the endless hope the ‘right’ man will surface to finally getting on with approving one’s own life choices. Foolproof, insurance and peace of mind, body and soul.
    My thought is that a woman like yourself is empowered to do this herself.
    For all those who have partners to go through IVF with – hats off to them, for the singletons ‘bravo’ because it takes balls, huge self love and they come out stronger and better. They don’t need others to rely on etc. So the eggs will be trooper quality (my way of thinking)
    Congratulations on doing what is right for you
    I’m receiving the medication this week, skipped my third year skiing, saving for this. The best gift to oneself. Peace of mind and freedom to be the best one can be and attract the right frequency guy into life who loves empowered women!

  2. So pleased you stumbled across this – and thanks for your kind words. Good luck with your freezing, I hope you find other bits of the blog useful – and that your eggs are, indeed, troopers.

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