This is going to be a very short post, but something happened the other day that was so almost foot-in-mouth horrific, yet simultaneously laugh-out-loud hilarious, that I spent about five minutes waiting for my heart rate to go back to normal. Plus, when I told my friend, N about it, she said “You HAVE to blog about this.” So…

I had been on a date (I know, I know *bows*) with a guy who seemed interesting – intelligent, attractive, didn’t seem opposed to the idea of seeing me again (no, honestly, this really happened, I didn’t just dream it) – and I was texting him the following day and was going to send him the link to a website that I’d mentioned, so pasted it into the text.

The thing was, when I went back to read through the text before pressing send, I realised that although, on my phone’s browser, I’d gone to the website and selected the link of the website he and I had discussed, I hadn’t actually pressed copy. So instead, the link that I’d pasted into the text message was actually a link which I’d copied and pasted into a text to a friend the night before. The friend who wanted to read this blog.

That’s right, I nearly sent a link to my blog about egg-freezing and being single to a man I’d been on one date with. Can. You. Imagine. (Actually, I could imagine, I did imagine, and even now just the thought of it makes me squirm with excruciating embarrassment.) Because, weirdly, I didn’t mention my frozen eggs on our first date. (And again, this whole episode did get me thinking about just when in a relationship it might be appropriate to bring it up – either way I’m pretty sure it’s neither on the first date, or directly after it, but maybe I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.)

Anyway, cautionary tale, people (just think of me as a modern Hilaire Belloc) RE-READ YOUR TEXTS BEFORE PRESSING SEND.

2 thoughts on “OMFG

  1. Ha! I can do one better than that, on a similar encounter with a guy that I had just started dating instead of pasting the link I intended, as with you, I had previously copied my whole blog post (as I usually start in another app and then copy and paste it to publish.) I almost sent him about 100 texts detailing my whole medical and relationship history including my thoughts about children and egg freezing…! So glad I did not hit send! ALWAYS double check before sending people! Which makes me wish, yet again, that there was some sort of undo-send button for messages!

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