Fresh v frozen, banks v agencies…

I’ve not written since July, and what I wrote in July was months out of date, so as you can imagine, what I’m writing now is even more out of date. But I want it written down. Partly because I feel some sense of duty to you, if you’re still following… because I’ve followed blogs and then they’ve tailed off and I’ve felt a bit, well, cheated, it’s like reading a book that someone never finished writing, or getting a library book and finding someone has ripped the last chapters out so you don’t know how it ends.

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“We’ve found you a donor…”

When the call came, the number wasn’t in my phone, and a donor was the furthest thought from my mind. We’d had generic email updates from the agency keeping us posted about the impact that the pandemic had had on the recruitment of donors and the possibility of treatment delays, but for me, the whole things was sort of mentally parked. There was comfort in knowing that what happened next was in someone else’s hands. Continue reading

Giving it away…

Would I give my eggs away? It’s a bit of an academic question really. After all it’s not like I’ve got loads of them to spare, or a brood of kids and no need of them. And given my advanced years when I froze them, I’m not sure anyone would even want them, but it’s something I started thinking about because of Katie Glass’ column in yesterday’s Sunday Times Magazine. (Yes it’s paywalled, but just bloody pony up the cash and read it, because if you don’t newspapers will die and we’ll have to get all our news from Twitter and Wikipedia which, much as I love them both for various reasons, would be totally fucking horrific.)

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