Egg-freezing research…

Quick post – and bit of a different one from usual – but… last month I received this email from someone called Abbie-Louise, she said…

I am currently at the University of Cambridge studying Human, Social and Political Sciences and as part of my dissertation and a project financed by Baillie Gifford Investment Bank, I am looking into the ethical, business and social implications of egg freezing. After a great deal of research I have come to realise the many positives of egg freezing – a process which I believe empowers women by allowing them to take control of their reproductive autonomy. I was particularly inspired by your post which reads: “egg freezing was a way of feeling like I was taking charge of my future, rather than just waiting for my future to happen to me.”

As part of my project I look to compare attitudes of women in England and in the US with regards to egg freezing – I will travel to California this summer to undertake this. If there is any way we could have a chat about your experiences/ blog (via skype/ email/ I could meet you in London – or wherever is convenient) then I would be so grateful.

Now I am all about the evidence, and all about talking about egg freezing so OBVIOUSLY we had a chat, and I was totally impressed by Abbie-Louise, by her questions, and insight and asked her to stay in touch.

She got back from California earlier this month and emailed me to ask if I could fill in an anonymous survey for her about my experience of egg-freezing, and if I could share it with anyone I knew who had frozen their eggs – or, if I knew anyone who was thinking about it, if I could share another survey with them. I figured the easiest way to do this was on this blog so – if you care about science / research / students / women etc in any way at all, do please be so kind as to help out.

This is the survey if you’ve frozen your eggs already.

And this is the survey if you’re thinking about it.

I know that one of the things she wants to look at is any difference between attitudes in the UK and elsewhere so, as I know I have readers from all over the place – hello Malaysia, Israel, Burma etc etc – it would probably help her if you put your country in the final box.

Abbie-Louise sent me some really interesting stuff about what she’d discovered in California and I’m probably going to post about that later, but for now, I do implore you to help her out – and if you have any questions about her research or the surveys, do drop her an email – she’s very lovely:

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