Can you really “own” an embryo?

So, you may have heard about what’s happening in the States at the moment with Sofia Vergara — she’s an actress from Modern Family — and her ex, a guy called Nick Loeb. Basically, as far as I can work out, in 2013, they had IVF, and created two embryos which they planned to implant in a surrogate, but subsequently froze. The couple split up and, despite having signed something that said that the embryos could only be used if both of them agreed to it, he’s now trying to bring a legal case against her so that he can use the embryos. She doesn’t want him to.

When people first started talking about this, I was contacted by the Telegraph Continue reading

Eggs or embryos?

When I first embarked on this whole thing, in my head, I was going to do one cycle of egg freezing, end up with 20 eggs and freeze half of them as eggs and and get the other half fertilised with donor sperm and freeze them as embryos. (Oh the naivety of ignorance. Basically I didn’t really have a fucking clue.)

The thing was, I’d done a (negligible) bit of research and it looked like the success rates from embryos were better than the success rates from eggs, and I figured that if, in X years time (where X is a number I haven’t yet decided upon) I was still single and decided to Continue reading

Existentialist blog angst

How often should I be blogging? Yet again a week has passed and I’ve not updated this at all. I think there are a few reasons for this. As I said in my last post, once I’ve got my social life back, the prospect of spending nights in, with just a blog for company, is slightly less appealing. Also, I set this blog up to talk about freezing my eggs and when I’m not actually going through a cycle, there’s a limit to how much there is to say. (Although admittedly there are a few posts Continue reading