Have I been exploited?

The title of this post is a bit of a rhetorical question. Or, as some would have it, when referring to headlines in a certain newspaper (“Are immigrants causing cancer?” “Could this £10 pill cure obesity?” “Would YOU wear a dress made from fish guts?” etc etc) QTWTAIN (Questions To Which The Answer Is No). Because no, I don’t think I have been exploited, but undoubtedly some people would.

Front page headline on The Times today “Top clinics exploiting women who freeze eggs”

Women who freeze their eggs in the hope of having children are being exploited by clinics which fail to disclose that the chances of pregnancy are “scarily” small, a leading fertility expert warned yesterday.

The piece went on to talk about people being charged Continue reading

Eggs or embryos?

When I first embarked on this whole thing, in my head, I was going to do one cycle of egg freezing, end up with 20 eggs and freeze half of them as eggs and and get the other half fertilised with donor sperm and freeze them as embryos. (Oh the naivety of ignorance. Basically I didn’t really have a fucking clue.)

The thing was, I’d done a (negligible) bit of research and it looked like the success rates from embryos were better than the success rates from eggs, and I figured that if, in X years time (where X is a number I haven’t yet decided upon) I was still single and decided to Continue reading

Choosing a clinic

You might have thought that once I’d decided to freeze my eggs, picking a clinic would be really easy. Wrong. At least not for me. The thing is, I’m a bit of data junkie, I tend to make decisions based on evidence. If I want to buy a vacuum cleaner, I’ll look at the Which? report; if I’m booking a holiday, I’ll check out reviews from people I trust (not those idiots on TripAdvisor, never them) and so for a Statto like me, it should have been as easy as looking at the success rates and going with the best one.

Except it’s so not. Because those success rates are pretty much bollocks. You don’t know if clinics are selective, only picking patients who Continue reading