Mothers vs Non-mothers

It’s Easter, so given my penchant for puns, I should probably post something eggciting. But since I have pretty low levels of egg chat at the moment — ummm, they’re still frozen… — I thought maybe I’d write about motherhood and a few things that have caught my eye recently.

Firstly, we’ve all got the Facebook friends who sort of ended up there a bit by accident — The New Yorker was quite funny on this recently — actually maybe that’s a little unfair (as much as anything because a) I refuse to accept friend requests from people who were bitches Continue reading

Alice Mann…

I thought I’d better explain something. Being anonymous is all very well until someone tells you that you have to have a pseudonym, because they’d rather have a fake name than ‘anonymous’. Which is fair enough, I s’pose.

So when I wrote my piece for Stella magazine, I became Alice Mann. And then when someone wanted to interview me for The Independent, I stayed as Alice Mann, so it made sense to write the piece I wrote for Metro as Alice Mann, and to tell BBC Radio Five Live that if they wanted Continue reading

In the news…

If you’ve found this blog via my Stella magazine piece, hello! How lovely of you to pop by. I should warn you that if you’re after regular updates and constant positivity, or are offended by swearing, you’re probably going to be disappointed, but I like to think I do a good line in telling it how it isoccasional ranting and slightly belated responses to relevant news stories. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the topic of today’s post. Because it’s not just me that’s been in the news. Over the last week or so there

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