PS Brilliant women writing

You might recall that in posts past I’ve bitched about the lack of publicity given to women who don’t have children given that there are meant to be so bloody many of us. Well clearly it’s like buses – you wait ages then blah, blah, blah (god that’s a shit cliché, after all, everyone’s got an app on their phone that tells them when the bus is coming now so you don’t ACTUALLY wait ages…) I DIGRESS.

Two brilliant pieces in the national press Continue reading

Alice Mann…

I thought I’d better explain something. Being anonymous is all very well until someone tells you that you have to have a pseudonym, because they’d rather have a fake name than ‘anonymous’. Which is fair enough, I s’pose.

So when I wrote my piece for Stella magazine, I became Alice Mann. And then when someone wanted to interview me for The Independent, I stayed as Alice Mann, so it made sense to write the piece I wrote for Metro as Alice Mann, and to tell BBC Radio Five Live that if they wanted Continue reading